Don’t assume something new is the solution. Find the brilliance in what you already have.

Over the years, we have come up with many highly innovative direct marketing programs, but sometimes all you need is a boost to one you already have in place.

Instead of embracing unproven methods like social media or digital marketing, we recommend improving your tried-and-true 1-to-1 marketing channels. It’s cheaper in the long run and can be measured and tweaked to improve ROI.

At Agency 180, the process begins with DMboost, which focuses on balancing the three dimensions that drive 1-to-1 marketing success:

  • Targeting
  • Messaging
  • Execution

Here’s how it works:

  1. You pick one of your marketing programs that could be delivering a higher ROI.
  2. We sit down with the program’s marketing team and review program details to determine the tightness of your targeting, the relevance of your messaging, and the efficiency of your execution.
  3. We identify where you could get the largest increase in ROI by improving one (or two) of the dimensions and what it would take to do it.

Here’s a great example. We reviewed a quarterly customer acquisition program for a client that was struggling to deliver the ROI it wanted. We recommended the client focus on improving the targeting first, then the messaging.

As a result of improved targeting, the number of months it took our client to break even on each quarterly program went from six months to one month.

Want us to apply a little DMboost to your initiatives? Contact us. It won’t cost you a thing to have us take a look.

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