Now available for retailers and manufacturers: peace of mind

Every retailer or manufacturer in the co-operative marketing space dreams of streamlining its processes and connecting with customers and prospects to drive increased sales.

Good news for retailers and manufacturers: We’ve packaged our expertise to create a turn-key solution that advances co-operative and partnership direct marketing programs. It’s called Co-OpCatalyst. What is it and what can it do for you?

Co-OpCatalyst offers both retailers and manufacturers a centralized and outsourced solution for the development, creative coordination, project management, execution, and reporting of their co-op direct marketing and product sampling programs. As a 1-to-1 marketing expert, we know best how to boost co-op direct marketing performance to deliver on the goals of both parties. We aren’t one of the big guys (you know who they are) who sell you untargeted space in their FSIs and then offer direct mail as a “we do that too.”

We are direct marketing specialists who know how to help you make the most of partnership opportunities and provide a platform for seamless project management.

Co-OpCatalyst Retail offers an outsourced centralized help desk for all aspects of partner management. This allows us to help you:

  • Develop or manage to creative and branding guidelines
  • Coordinate data and targeting recommendations
  • Work with your category managers and marketing teams to approve offers and UPCs
  • Ensure data security, brand compliance, and streamlined management of co-op and other partner-funded communications
  • Go way beyond “spray and pray” print ads, postcard tactics, and advance programs by leveraging retail and loyalty data to drive personalization and relevance
  • Measure program effectiveness and leverage insights for future programs

Co-OpCatalyst Manufacturing offers brands the opportunity to centralize the management, targeting, and development of their account-specific direct marketing programs. This allows us to help you:

  • Ensure that the brands execute their programs in the most cost-effective and consistent manner across all retailers
  • Work to develop the strategy for these programs, partner with you and your retailer partners to determine the targeting strategy, execute the programs, and measure the results across all retail programs
  • Learn what to do more of, and what not to repeat, in the future

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