Lower data processing costs? Check.

Tighter data security? Check.

Improved postage cash flow? Check.

Looking for lower direct mail data processing costs, more control over your data and the money you spend on postage? Our proprietary tool, PostageChecks, is worth checking out.

Here’s how it works: PostageChecks is an innovative solution that reduces the cost of direct mail data processing and allows companies to pay the exact postage for direct mail campaigns 48 hours before the mail date. With PostageChecks, the entire direct mail data processing and postage management functions are centralized in a secure environment to provide significant savings, improved cash flow, increased data security and faster turnaround times.

What’s so different about it? Well, for starters we’ve bundled what are typically a la carte per thousand charges and price the service on a company’s annualized direct mail volume—this allows PostageChecks clients to reduce their data processing cost by 30%-40%. PostageChecks also guarantees a 48-hour turnaround time for mail files, so companies are able to leverage the freshest data for their direct mail campaigns and gain higher response rates (we guarantee 48-hour turnaround—if we’re late, you don’t pay!).

In addition, by providing clients a precise postage amount and not an inflated estimate, our clients can better manage their postage cash flow and avoid having to manage vendor credits, postal permit balances and monitor unused postage. The result is that you don’t have unused postage money sitting in vendors’ bank accounts making them money.

Getting started is fast and easy—we’ll do all the set-up work and start you off with a 90-day trial at your reduced annualized rate. Contact us today to find out how much PostageChecks can save you!

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