Does your organization do a lot of direct mail and print? Then our proprietary tool, DMscope, will interest you. Actually, it’ll change your life. That’s because it can give you the big picture of all direct mail initiatives across your entire enterprise.

A customized Web portal and project administration system, DMscope delivers a comprehensive procurement, management, and tracking solution. The system is designed to provide Procurement, Finance, Marketing, and IT with visibility, transparency, and control over direct mail and print expenditures across a company’s entire enterprise. The benefits are unbeatable, too:

  • A single source to access your suppliers
  • A 360-degree view of all of your projects
  • A strategic partner to manage the process
  • Transparency—you will know what you are paying for
  • Proprietary, Web-based status reporting available 24/7
  • A financial planning tool

What we do is integrate buying efforts across your organization and consolidate with selected vendors. The result is that your costs go down. In fact, we can deliver the lowest costs for your direct mail or print programs every time. Even better, we source and manage all aspects of supplier management. That gives you the time to focus on other things. Don’t you feel better already? Contact us about DMscope today.


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