Direct Mail Ingenuity

Executing ways to improve direct mail results is why we show up for work every day.

As everyone scampered away from “traditional” direct marketing to social media and digital communications, Agency 180 planted its flag firmly in the ground: We do direct mail. High-quality. Cost-effective. Totally awesome. And as an industry leader, we’ve used our many years of experience to develop some pretty ingenious proprietary tools, all of which can help you improve your direct mail operations:

Data Processing List Acquisition
Project Management Vendor Negotiations
Marketing Operations Contracting and Purchasing
Quality Control Format Design
Product Sampling

The devil isn’t in the details… we are.

We can bring your highly complex programs to market quickly, cost effectively, and flawlessly. Our clients enjoy responsive and customized service and reporting, highly experienced and degreed project managers, and the “ahh, that’s nice” feeling of no salespeople interfering with the team’s priorities and lobbying for projects.

Partnering with Agency 180 to manage your programs allows you to focus on your strategic priorities rather than project and supplier management.

Proprietary direct mail tools from Agency 180 include:

DMscope—“Why hasn’t someone come up with a way to put all of the best practices for direct mail procurement and management in one place?” Oh, if we only had a penny for every time we’ve heard that. Turns out we can save you more than a few pennies. That’s because our direct mail experts have developed DMscope, a proprietary Web portal and project administration solution that does it all.

PostageChecks—It’s your money. Why should some lettershop be in control of it? Our PostageChecks solution allows you to pay the exact postage you need 48 hours before the mail date, not the typically inflated amount you pay long before the drop date (and what’s left over doesn’t get refunded for up to 60 days).


You need someone who understands 1-to-1 marketing with a high level of sophistication and can convert that expertise into real results. Here are just some of the services we can apply to your 1-to-1 initiatives.

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We have exceptional 1-to-1 expertise and we’ve created some pretty sophisticated tools to improve your bottom line. Only certain clients will reap the benefits that we’re capable of offering. Those are the clients we want to work with.


We can prove to you that smart 1-to-1 programs can make you money… if you know how to do them right. Which we do. And if your business sits in one of these verticals, learn more about the solutions we’ve created for other clients:

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