Data Management

Data, data, data. It’s at the core of every 1-to-1 marketing program. And in order to achieve world-class 1-to-1 marketing performance, clients have to share their customer data with their external partner but be assured that data is going to be secure.

Agency 180 is one of the few marketing firms that has built its data and information security policies on the ISO 17799 platform—the global standard for information security management.

Database management and data processing are a core competency of Agency 180. Our internal expertise gives clients an efficient process to get to market quicker with the freshest, most relevant information.

Our comprehensive data services include:

  • Database Management and CRM Solutions
  • Targeting
  • Mail File Preparation (NCOA, CASS Certification, Address Standardization, Postal Presorting)
  • Merge-Purge
  • List Acquisition
  • Unique Barcode Assignment
  • Geo-Coding/Radius Mapping
  • Demographic/Psychographic Data Append

Their Words, Not Ours.

As CMO of Tweeter, I found Agency 180 team to be a fantastic value for our middle market company. They proactively pushed our results further than the other marketing services providers at the table. Their analytics, cross-channel approach, and diligent service made the most of my available resources.

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