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You need exceptional 1-to-1 expertise, not just an agency or lettershop that comes in with a “turnkey” solution and flashes a lot of metrics around.

You need someone who understands 1-to-1 marketing with a high level of sophistication and can use proprietary services and tools to convert that expertise into real results—the kind that mean big numbers on an ROI spreadsheet.

Here are just some of the services we can apply to your 1-to-1 initiatives. Our proprietary tools are to the right.

Data Management

Database management and data processing are a core competency of Mercury121. Our internal expertise gives clients an efficient process to get to market quicker with the freshest, most relevant information.

Data Security

Today's challenge is to manage data accurately while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations like HIPAA, ISO, and local state laws. We can help you do it.


Show us the numbers, and we'll show you insights, marketable segments, and how to improve your ROI.


Our proprietary DMboost solution is a 1-to-1 marketing program assessment methodology; it helps us determine the adjustments to your programs that will provide the greatest improvement in ROI.

Direct Mail Ingenuity

Other companies have let their direct mail skills atrophy in the digital age; we've done the opposite and become even stronger in this "forgotten" channel.


We can set up and deliver personalized messages via direct mail, e-mail, text, and social media… the cool part is how we can integrate messaging across the channels and with other existing customer touch-point systems.

Their Words, Not Ours.

Agency 180 helped us build and launch a successful loyalty program, website, and contact strategy to serve our KB Clubhouse members. The KB Toys’ KB Clubhouse provided customers the convenience and control to engage with us online. The KB Clubhouse website was the place to go for news on the latest toys, special events, promotions, and discounts and even download music their kids could enjoy. Agency 180 helped us add features and functionality that served our customers well while making the website easy to manage.

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