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Increasing Profitability Starts with Better Data
  • The most fundamental problem is that companies haven't done the math on the potential profit upside.
  • The best first step is to consult with an expert.

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Bridging the Retailer and Manufacturer Marketing Gap
  • Detailed customer histories provide the perfect opportunity for manufacturers to deliver pinpoint-targeted messages that pay off big.
  • Highly relevant communications can also let manufacturers successfully launch new products to consumers who buy in the category.

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Put Some Skin in the 1-to-1 Game
  • It shocks me how little progress has been made in 1-to-1 marketing.
  • Compensate the service provider as if it were a salesperson.

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Their Words, Not Ours.

Agency 180 helped us build and launch a successful loyalty program, website, and contact strategy to serve our KB Clubhouse members. The KB Toys’ KB Clubhouse provided customers the convenience and control to engage with us online. The KB Clubhouse website was the place to go for news on the latest toys, special events, promotions, and discounts and even download music their kids could enjoy. Agency 180 helped us add features and functionality that served our customers well while making the website easy to manage.

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