Their words, not ours.

These testimonials from both our clients and our partners make us blush a little, but they also make a great case about why Agency 180 is the perfect choice to dial up your 1-to-1 initiatives. Test.

George Spowart – CMO, PODS

PODS experience with Agency 180 has indeed been “a 180.” We approached them a few years ago with a specific challenge in segmenting our customer database and constructing a multi-touch DM campaign to high value customers. They immediately dove into the project and worked incredibly efficiently with our team to understand our customer and advise us on different testing approaches.  Key for anyone in this space is not just generating data but turning that data into insightful and actionable information and recommendations. Agency 180 delivered real results and without the normal ramp up time or incessant pitching for more business that is satyrical of agencies.

Kiran Smith – VP, Shaw’s Supermarkets

Over the last eight years, the Agency 180 team has proven to be a valuable Shaw’s Supermarkets ally. Through evolving marketing programs and campaigns focusing on lifestyle, life stage, retention, and acquisition, the Agency 180 team has demonstrated a keen understanding of my business. Their ability to seamlessly coordinate co-branded marketing efforts on our behalf with multiple manufacturing brands, through their Co-OpCatalyst platform, extended the impact of our marketing message and budget. Their proactive strategy enhancements and cost efficiencies, coupled with their strong execution, has played a role in the ongoing success of our marketing efforts.

Patrick Reynolds – former CMO, Tweeter

As CMO of Tweeter, I found Agency 180 team to be a fantastic value for our middle market company. They proactively pushed our results further than the other marketing services providers at the table. Their analytics, cross-channel approach, and diligent service made the most of my available resources.

Danny Silverman – Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson

The Agency 180 team has been an excellent partner for J&J co-branded work, consistently delivering high quality at a competitive price. Their strategic guidance enables us to maximize our account-specific marketing investments.

Jo Duran – former Marketing Director, KB Toys

Agency 180 helped us build and launch a successful loyalty program, website, and contact strategy to serve our KB Clubhouse members. The KB Toys’ KB Clubhouse provided customers the convenience and control to engage with us online. The KB Clubhouse website was the place to go for news on the latest toys, special events, promotions, and discounts and even download music their kids could enjoy. Agency 180 helped us add features and functionality that served our customers well while making the website easy to manage.

Gia Rosenberg – Client Services Director, Mars USA

Agency 180 helps us define the market, build the direct marketing plan, and launch the entire initiatives with what always feels like an on-site support team. When our first results came in, they were triple our expectations. Agency 180 is an excellent business partner with a passion for clear and innovative approaches to direct marketing.

Kelly Rogers – Client Services Director, Studiocom

Agency 180 is a valued business partner in seamlessly delivering integrated marketing solutions for my clients. The team is responsive, flexible, and reliable, and consistently produces high quality work—and they are a pleasure to work with.

Doug Newell

Agency 180 is a trusted partner of Calexus Solutions, LLC. They are a very bright team of experienced marketers who deliver innovative solutions to their clients. Their knowledge, work ethic, and professionalism result in successful working relationships with both their clients and their partner firms.

Team Spotlight

Renee Fishman

Clients I have helped: PODS, CVS/pharmacy, MasterCard, McDonalds, Progressive Insurance, Allstate Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Nabisco, Universal Studios, Gold’s Gym, and Sentient Jet

Parker Heckner

Clients I have helped: Dunkin’ Donuts, PODS, CVS/pharmacy, L’Oreal, J&J, NatureMade, Hershey’s, Pfizer, Shaw’s Supermarkets, and McDonalds

Paul Costello

Clients I have helped: CVS/pharmacy, MinuteClinic, Shaw’s Supermarkets, CIGNA, Gillette, J&J, GM, AT&T, Best Buy, Allstate, OnStar, NSTAR, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, KB Toys, and Tweeter

Laura Brewer

Clients I have helped: CVS/pharmacy, CIGNA, MinuteClinic, Things Remembered, Talbots, and Giant Eagle

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