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1-to-1 marketing in the retail industry varies widely in terms of levels of sophistication and success. Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped some of the leaders in retail 1-to-1 marketing create highly innovative and successful solutions, including:

  • Grand Opening
  • Top Customer
  • Personalized Circular
  • Co-OpCatalyst
  • Prospect Database

What made these programs so successful? A slight shift in approach is all. Instead of seeing yourself as “selling products to people,” you need to approach marketing as “helping people buy products they are interested in.” It’s the difference between executing a one-size-fits-all campaign and personalizing the message to each individual.

The “helping people buy products” approach has a big impact on whom you market to, when you market to them, what you market to them, and how you execute the level of personalization that is required. Doing it right requires the kind of skill sets very few direct marketers have:

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Agency 180 is a valued business partner in seamlessly delivering integrated marketing solutions for my clients. The team is responsive, flexible, and reliable, and consistently produces high quality work—and they are a pleasure to work with.

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