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Used to be successful branding for manufacturers was all about mass media. Along the way, a lot of manufacturers became pretty good at it, too. The problem is, while they were flexing their mass media muscle, their direct marketing skills withered away.

The consequence is that the lack of direct-to-consumer marketing savvy and skills is causing manufacturers to lag behind their retail partners in online sales. Sometimes badly. Despite the economic advantage to the manufacturer to sell online vs. through retail, most manufacturers struggle to deliver more than 5% of their sales through e-commerce. You know what retailers manage? Often above 15%.

That’s where we come in.

With our work in this sector, we’ve consistently noticed the same problem areas for manufacturers:

  • Data capture and data management
  • Customer analysis and segmentation
  • Personalization of communications
  • Results measurement

All of that stuff can be incredibly hard to gather, especially when you’re trying to focus on manufacturing. So how can manufacturers fill their skill gap? Get in touch with Agency 180. Contact us now and let us give you a direct boost to your sales. If you’re in the cooperative marketing space, be sure to ask about Co-OpCatalyst, which can streamline your process and help you connect with customers.

Their Words, Not Ours.

Agency 180 helped us build and launch a successful loyalty program, website, and contact strategy to serve our KB Clubhouse members. The KB Toys’ KB Clubhouse provided customers the convenience and control to engage with us online. The KB Clubhouse website was the place to go for news on the latest toys, special events, promotions, and discounts and even download music their kids could enjoy. Agency 180 helped us add features and functionality that served our customers well while making the website easy to manage.

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